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Safe Haven 360°

Risk Assessment

 AI powered protection of public spaces


What is  Safe Haven 360°  risk assessment?

Safe Haven 360° risk assessment is a process that aims to identify the possible threats to your location and people and its level of vulnerability to these threats.

At AIXIA we understand that the goal of a well designed and implemented security management plan is to lessen the level of risk by reducing threats and decreasing the locations vulnerabilities. So levels of threat and vulnerability are measured individually to get an accurate measure of risk.


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SafeHaven 360° focus points

 Threats  can be classified into two categories:


 External Threats 

 Internal Threats 


These are threats that emanate from forces outside the group such as acts of terrorism and robbery.

Threats that originate within facility, property or association. These could be at a policy level like security standard violations, safety hazards, staff theft, or a structural problem that endangers the public.

SafeHaven 360° also takes a look at  vulnerabilities. 

Factors that make a location and people more susceptible to the harmful effects of threats. They can be physical in nature (poor design and construction of buildings) or social (lack of awareness of the security and safety protocols), among others things.

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Why is conducting a risk assessment important?

Risk and security management involves dealing with complex and unpredictable factors that some may not be aware of.

Data gathered from the risk assessment will be used to inform the design of the security management plan and make recommendations on the best security measures to take for specific scenarios.

To be able to properly address a looming threat, you and your security service provider should have working knowledge on what these threats are, their likelihood of occurring, their possible consequences to the public, and how the current management system is equipped to handle such incidents.


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 Here are some of the areas that the
AIXIA SafeHaven 360° risk assessment covers:

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 Emergency Response  Do all business owners and/or leadership and their respective staff know what to do in a crisis situation? Are there informational signs that direct the general public on what to do and where to go in case of an emergency?

 Physical Security  Are all facility equipment (like elevators and escalators) functioning properly? Are the cleaners doing their job in identifying and addressing problem areas such as spills and slippery flooring? Are there structures that help prevent injury and assist seniors and persons with disabilities?

 Material Security  Are the delivery areas secure and not left open? Is there a system for checking delivered packages and alerting management if anything suspicious was found?

 Access control  Are the barriers in place to control the flow of people coming into the premises during peak periods? Are there traffic controllers to help direct people on where to park and pacify possible cases of road rage?

 Management Policies  What is the level of top management support and involvement in the conduct of security planning? Are there plans and policies in place (access control, emergency response, crisis management)? How are these policies enforced and reviewed? Are there systems for reporting security-related incidents?

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Safeguarding Our Communities

Ensuring the safety of the public coming to you on a daily basis needs meticulous planning and faithful execution. A risk assessment allows you to dive deep into the current problem areas your operation has and anticipate the possible occurrence of threats so you can design an effective and comprehensive security management plan that works.

We in the AIXIA SAFE HAVEN initiative are your partners in providing the best experience to your customer and congregations. With decades of experience in both public and private sector safety we provide a thorough risk assessment that allows us to assist in the development of security services that are tailored to your needs and the needs of your constituents. Contact us now for a free consultation and start the ball rolling to safeguard your people and property.


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