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Artificial Intelligence Writes an Ad? No way...

In a strange twist on Oscar Wilde's now famous anti-mimesis, we have life imitating artificial intelligence (AI) rather than AI imitating life. Burger King created an advertisement that was supposedly created by AI but in actuality was written by a human (link below). What we see in the ad is someones conception of what a video created by AI might be. While the ad itself is a bit of a joke, the question it raises is not: do we really know what to expect with AI? The answer is, likely not.

Just as calculus showed us that the world could be modeled in a way we never thought possible, and then two hundred years later, Einstein revealed that simple assumptions about the universe led to completely unexpected and counter-intuitive results, AI may expose strange new things about humanity. By thinking about how we expect an AI to behave are we really holding a mirror up to our own thoughts? Could an AI ever truly break away from its creators' biases? Can an AI ever be truly original? These questions may define the next century, as we as a species come to terms with what may be our creation of another. Either way, I now find myself wanting some chicken tenders...

Zaheer Ali - Chief Science Officer at AIXIA Global

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