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Digital Transformation Strategy

The roadmap to your city’s future

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Why is DTS important to cities?

Growing demands from constituents and tighter budget constraints are forcing examination of digital transformation strategies. These strategies solve specific problems and guide evolution to major benefits that were not possible with traditional systems. AIXIA works with city leadership to find concrete ways to fund and execute digital transformation strategies and smart city projects from start to full completion. Funding includes public-private partnerships, federal incentives for strategic applications, and sustainable models.

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AIXIA's DTS building blocks

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Use a
digital mindset

The board and executive management team or government leadership will need education to gain comfort with the new mindset required to build, operate, and grow a digital service organization.


Create a broad
digital roadmap

Small-scale digital initiatives don’t form a cohesive, strategic roadmap; AIXIA has exercises and methodologies to assist your organization in crafting a digital roadmap that is right for you, regardless of which projects are already underway. Don’t be afraid to kill or de-prioritize projects that aren’t aligned with a new business model.


Build and recruit
digital capabilities

In some cases you can bring in expertise to assure quicker results and better outcomes. Transformation will require updating in-house skill sets as well as reshaping your teams structured to support future changes. Your infrastructure will also have to be adapted to provide the tools your employees need to grow into a digital world.


Inventory organization’s assets for DTS

Many organizations have motivated employees who have already begun small-scale digital initiatives. You probably also have valuable intangible assets that you don’t actively manage or measure. AIXIA can inventory everything, assessing its fit with your future digital strategy, and recommending relocation of resources from uncertain projects to strategically important ones.


Build needed
digital assets

Many “traditional” businesses and organizations often possess or could easily access valuable digital assets; AIXIA can assist with cataloging digital assets as well as determining which ones your organization could build, partner, or acquire to begin transitioning from purely physical assets to more valuable and scalable digital assets.

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Apply business
model design thinking

Thinking to complement product and service design thinking. This can uncover future business and service models that are often overlooked. Adopt a design thinking approach to design new digital business models that meet the needs of today’s digitally savvy customers.


Connect across
the organization

Start small, then go big; The opportunities and challenges of digital transformation will require changes to your organization’s structure. Talent gaps may prevent you from making major shifts, make the changes you can make, no matter how small. As momentum and comfort builds, you can add the bigger changes later.



Key performance indicators from all parts of the digital transformation initiative demonstrate the effectiveness of the plan and provide support for leadership decisions and course setting. All goals have a clear achievable figure along with a timeline. These goals will guide and optimize the entire execution and ensure that the team does not lose focus.

Do you have a project for us?

AIXIA in action

AIXIA Global can handle any Digital Transformation project your enterprise may have. Let our accumulated project experience in both public and private industry speak for itself. AIXIA maintains a deep technical team to support our clients in understanding and leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Sensors, Big Data and Extended Reality among others.

AIXIA Global team members have done digital transformation strategy in the entertainment Industry, Financial Institutions, customer service, aerospace, government, video game industry, software development, cyber security and IT services.

Below are just a few initiatives that AIXIA team members have had their hands in!

Digital Transformation and Service Design of Drug Rehab
Call Center Operations

  • Delivered gap analysis of current operations. 

  • Facilitated sourcing and implementation of a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution across all facilities resulting in 100% increase in call and client tracking from end to end with a 50% decrease in associated costs. 

  • All data handling processes were HIPAA and PHI compliant and conformed to ISO-9001 standards for Quality Management.

  • Training and Coaching of entire organization on new service flows and tools.

HP Laboratory Infrastructure Transformation

  • Generate and execute plan to streamline and relocate 10,000 servers and 50,000 virtual machines running mission critical applications and processes to centralized location.  

  • Work with engineers, contractors, vendors and facilities staff to coordinate six month transformation project. 

  • Develop and execute communications plan with all stakeholders. 

Core Infrastructure for
Encover’s global contract renewal operation

  • Established new call center operations for Encover (later acquired by Concentrix Corporation) including building lease, hardware, software 
    and network infrastructure.


  • Full implementation of telecommunications requirements utilizing local and SaaS infrastructure.  

  • Delivered call center execution
    ahead of schedule.


  • Operationally ready for 150 seats scalable to 300 seats within 30 days.  

  • Supported services to more than
    30+ countries. 

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Powering Tomorrow Today

AIXIA is committed to
public/private partnerships.

Helping communities leverage and capitalize on this digital age.

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