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Why Agile with AIXIA?

Agile correctly applied has now saved businesses more than a billion dollars globally and generated tens of billions in revenue growth by making sure teams are working on the right things, the things that matter.
Whether you are a consultant, a project manager,
a team member or leading an entire organization, Agile thinking and Scrum methodologies can help you get more done in less time and more importantly, get the right things done to create value for the customer.

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Here at AIXIA we don’t get lost in the future or buried in the past. Our courses and coaching are developed around the reality of delivering projects and value today. We do that by maintaining an ever evolving resource of industry best practices and real world examples that are integrated into every course and every coaching session. Our instructors and coaches have helped thousands of people across the country.

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The 5 steps to make Agile work for you

Whether you’ve rolled out Agile, tried to roll out Agile, or would like to roll out Agile, there are 5 things that are CRITICAL to your SUCCESS

  1. Get the right help

  2. Get leadership buy in

  3. Identify the right project to pilot Agile

  4. Adopt the right framework and tools

  5. Reward success and share the story

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The AIXIA Team

Our team Agile coaches have the credentials and experience to handle any situation your organization may want to throw at us. With large-scale transformations done at some of the world’s largest organization, be confident we’ll be able to assist with yours. 

Here are only some of our team's accomplishments:

Researchers are organizing a celebration for all the work done to get the new supercomputer online so quickly. For the researchers who have worked on this and us who got the machine up and supported it, this is the first time since I’ve been here (6 years) that our business has ever done that. You are an awesome coach, couldn’t have done all this without you!

 – Lead Architect

  • Lead and coached a team of 15-plus Agile team coaches to develop Agile competency for a department of more than 500 people. 

  • Redesigned organization structure, reporting structure, roles and responsibilities. 

  • Designed, iterated and refined the Agile transformation strategy and implementation. 

Spearheaded Agile Transformation at ExxonMobil

Agile Transformation
coaching at Shelter Insurance

  • Led an organizational structural redesign to redefine key roles within the company that resulted in 12 internal Agile coaches and six internal Agile trainers. 

  • Coached organization leaders through a crisis using Lean Kanban program management principles to launch a new direct insurance brand in the midwest United States. 

  • Preformed cultural and organizational assessments to coach clients through successful Agile Transformation strategy.

I think of [the Agile Coaches] as the “Indiana Jones” of agile, ready to cut-and-slash his way through whatever challenges he’s presented with.

– Shelter Insurance Internal Agile Coach

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AIXIA Global specializes in the application of AI and Industry 4.0 technologies to help solve business challenges across all industries. A leading consultancy in Digital Transformation, Service Design and Process Improvement all with an Agile Mindset to massively improve outcomes for both public and private sector executions.

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